The Powerpuff Girls 10th Birthday 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

by Warner Bros for Kids
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Powerpuff Girls 10Th Birthday by Warner Bros Perfume. Powerpuff Girls 10th Birthday by Warner Bros is a youthful, feminine fragrance designed with the heroines of the Tv show “Powerpuff Girls” in mind. It was launched to celebrate the 10th birthday of the show. The top notes of the scent include orange blossom and citrus for a fresh, floral and fruity entrance. As the fragrance lingers, a clean, fruity theme takes over with cucumber, water and peach blossom leading the charge. The base of the aroma sits on amber and melon to round out the nature-inspired perfume. This girly eau de toilette should be applied after a bath or shower. It can be used for everyday activities, like going to school or having a playdate.
Warner Bros is an American entertainment company that has created Tv shows and movies. This company launched a series of perfumes and colognes designed for kids based off of the cartoons they produced. Powerpuff Girls 10th Birthday is packaged in a plastic bottle that depicts the three heroines.

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