Lamborghini Classico

by Lamborghini for Men
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Lamborghini Classico by Tonino Lamborghini Cologne. Launched in 2013, Lamborghini Classico is a spicy citrus Eau de Toilette for men. Spicy cardamom mixes with passion fruit and Italian lemon in the opening notes. The heart is filled with clary sage, lavender and basil. The woody base consists of benzoin, amberwood and tonka bean. Lounge in casual style along the racing circuit wearing a scent fit for the track.Desiring to refine the dominant Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the luxury car manufacturer in 1963. In only a few short years, they sold over 1000 of the legendary Miura in 1969. However, success was short-lived due to the financial and oil crises of the 1970s. After selling the company, the company was sold once more then restructured eventually turning into the company it is today. Creating largely masculine fragrances, Tonino Lamborghini began designing and selling fragrances in 1999. Of the 16 fragrances in their collection, only two perfumes are feminine.