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Kensie by Kensie Perfume. Originally launched in 2016, Kensie is a summery women’s perfume with a woody, flowery aroma and composition easily enjoyed on warmer days. From the moment you apply it, the fragrance uplifts and stimulates the senses, starting with an opening of mandarin orange and peaches with notes of green leaves interwoven. Later in the day, as the opening notes have dissipated, the heart arises with a soft floral blend of orange blossom, cyclamen, rose, jasmine and violet. Finally, the warm, balsamic base emerges, featuring amber, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean. Long-lived yet with a relatively mild sillage, this perfume grabs attention throughout the day without being overbearing. A Vancouver-based fashion producer established in 1994, Kensie is a latecomer to the fragrance market, with just the namesake perfume to offer. However, the fragrance befits the company’s collections of chic, smartly designed apparel and accessories, sharing the same sensibilities in design for spring and summer style.

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