Indi by Katy Perry 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

by Katy Perry for Women
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Katy Perry's Indi by Katy Perry Perfume. Katy Perry's Indi is a woody, musky women’s fragrance released in 2017. This perfume takes the traditional floral and adds exciting, sensual musk for a more daring feel. The top notes are aromatic and subtle, featuring bitter bergamot, tart plum and white tea. It has light floral notes making up the heart. Lily of the valley and cyclamen are undercut by smoky white cedar extract. The base is richly animalic and musky. White musk, black musk, island musk and Egyptian musk create a nuanced musk scent rounded out by creamy amber and tonka bean. Katy Perry is a fragrance brand launched by the pop singer of the same name in 2010. The perfumes often come in brightly colored novelty bottles and packaging. It has used expert perfumers such as Laurent Le Guernec, Stephen Nilsen and Natasha Cote. Since it was founded, it has released 10 bold fragrances for women.

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