Jovan Fever 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

by Jovan for Women
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Jovan Fever by Jovan Perfume. As comfortable and versatile as a favorite pair of jeans, Jovan Fever just feels right in any occasion. This is an everyday blend that struts a middle road between sweetness and strength. Jovan Fever is about balance that can worn anywhere. Top notes of vanilla and orchid are luscious but restrained. Tuberose is the secret weapon of this perfume, providing an elegant middle of frangipani and gardenia. Violet provides a woody, floral, powdery finish. This is a fun, feminine fragrance that mixes well in any crowd.

Like woman with hands on hips, shoulders back and hat cocked to the side, the tall bottle and jaunty pink cap of Jovan Fever is all attitude. This perfume is modern twist on Jovan’s traditionally musk-based fragrances, which date back to the company’s trademark scents of the 1970s. When it comes to kindling a fire or just having fun, Jovan’s sensual line can’t be beat.

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