Jessica Simpson Signature 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

by Jessica Simpson for Women
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Jessica Simpson Signature 10Th Anniversary by Jessica Simpson Perfume. A light and flowery perfume that exudes sweetness, Jessica Simpson Signature 10th Anniversary is a fragrance specially designed for women who want a signature scent that is soft yet romantic. The top notes of apricot, clementine, and nectarine add a citrusy spice, while the heart of the scent can be found in the addition of aromatic florals such as frangipani, orange blossom, night blooming jasmine, and tiger lily.

Jessica Simpson is an American singer who has also acted in television and film. Aside from her entertainment experience, Simpson always longed to create a fashion and beauty accessories line, which she launched in 2004. Released in 2014, Jessica Simpson Signature 10th Anniversary is a perfume that is designed to celebrate Simpson’s successful foray into the perfume world.

This perfume comes in a bottle that is as elegant and whimsical as Simpson herself. The simple curved bottle is adorned with a gilded feather delicately wrapped along the top.

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