Guru Egos

by Guru Adi for Men
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Coeur by Guru Perfumes Perfume. Coeur is a 2017 perfume for women and men alike, with an Oriental scent inspired by love and compassion. You’ll notice strong top notes of amber and incense, complemented by the dark, complex note of oud at the heart of the scent. The base of this unisex fragrance features warm, sophisticated musk. The strength and drama of this scent is highlighted by the dark, rectangular bottle, featuring sharp lines and angles, frosted amber glass and a woodgrain top.

Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, Guru Perfumes has released 10 fragrances thus far. The brand focuses on using pure plant aromas that create scents inspired by divine consciousness. The current collection is designed to align the Earth’s essence with the wearer’s mind, body and spirit for a truly otherworldly effect. Coeur, which means heart in French, is accompanied by Essence, Harmony, Intuition, Vision, Egos, Elegance, Expression, Voyager and Sensation.