Glee Preppy Chic Perfume by Marmol & Son 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

by Marmol & Son for Women
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Glee Preppy Chic by Marmol & Son Perfume. Glee Preppy Chic for women is a light and feminine scent that is perfect for young women and teen girls. The refreshing and fruity fragrance makes it an ideal scent for everyday use and has a playfulness that can’t be ignored. The perfume contains the fragrance notes of bright lemon flower, juicy honeydew melon, crisp apple, delicate jasmine, rich ylang ylang, sweet honeysuckle, golden amber, earthy musk, and relaxing sandalwood. The perfume is fresh and exciting and comes in a fun bottle shaped like a microphone.

The perfume has a weak longevity which makes it a great scent to wear for short events, and it has a light sillage so the fragrance will stay close to you and won’t be too heavy. It was created by Marmol & Sun, which is an American fragrance company that was founded in 1996 and makes fun designer fragrances for teens and young adults.

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