Comparison of Types of Fragrances |

Comparison of Types of Fragrances

Comparison of Different Types of Fragrances

When shopping for fragrances, you will see different kinds like Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Cologne, and Fraiche.

Do you know the difference? Commonly, they are all just called perfumes, but they are all different strengths of fragrances.

The more perfume oil that a fragrance has, or the higher % concentration of perfume oil, the stronger and longer lasting the fragrance is. See the 4 main types of perfume below.

1. Eau Fraiche

Lightest type of perfume with fresh scent, does not last very long

2. Eau de Cologne

Also a light choice with fresh scent, lasts longer than Eau Fraiche

3. Eau de Toilette

Stronger and longer lasting, many perfumes of different brands are of this type with a variety of scents

4. Eau de Parfum

Strongest type of perfume and lasts the longest, also a widely used type of perfume for many brands

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